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Starquest has been investing for several years in technologies with a high environmental or social impact, with the aim of improving living conditions and offering a sustainable future for the community. With these values at the heart of its project, and 10 years of experience in implementing them in its portfolio of investments, the management company has decided to structure its ESG and Impact approach.

Starquest is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and therefore integrates extra-financial aspects such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into the management of its portfolios. In order to comply with ESG criteria as effectively as possible, Starquest is supported by SIRSA, a consultancy specialising in ESG. This approach takes the form of a charter.

Information on investments

1. Information on the website

Investment involves a risk concerning future performance. An investment may appreciate or depreciate and the investor may not recover the sums invested.

The investment policies of the management mandates and FIAs managed by STARQUEST do not simultaneously take ESG criteria into account.

All information available on the website is for information purposes only and is strictly limited to private use by the recipient. The data available on the site are based on sources deemed reliable but have not been verified by an independent body.

It does not constitute a contractual element, a proposal or an incentive to invest or arbitrage.

The comments are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell the securities mentioned.

STARQUEST accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of this information.

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We remind you that past performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.

Under no circumstances may the products or services described on the website constitute a public offering or a canvassing or solicitation for the purchase or sale of FIAs or any other management or investment service.

Any person interested in subscribing to a product or using a service presented on this website is invited to contact STARQUEST in order to verify the suitability of the said product or service to his/her personal situation, asset objectives and risk aversion as well as to the regulations in force in his/her country.

2. Information and access to services

The information on products and/or services presented on the website is intended only for persons residing in France.

The information contained on the STARQUEST website does not constitute an offer of products or services or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities or other investment management products.

They are presented for information purposes only and therefore have no contractual value.

Access to the products and services presented here may be subject to restrictions in respect of certain persons or certain countries. The tax treatment of investments in FIA units or shares depends on the individual’s situation and is subject to change.

All persons interested in receiving further information, and in particular information on the risks and characteristics of the products and/or services, may request information and are invited to contact STARQUEST: 11 rue Royale, 75008 PARIS, 01 86 95 59 70 or



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Shareholder engagement policy

1/ Monitoring strategy, financial and non-financial performance, risks, capital structure, social and environmental impact and corporate governance:

As a long-term professional shareholder, responsible investor and development partner, Starquest provides French SMEs with the financial, human and organisational resources they need to take their growth to the next level and create sustainable value. Since 2008, Starquest Capital has invested in the capital of “mission-driven” companies that have a positive impact on “nuisances”, in other words, the negative externalities of human activity; these themes have been grouped together in a proprietary thesis christened “Protect” by the co-founders. Over the years, Starquest has focused more and more on these investments, which have accounted for 70% of the amounts invested since 2015. Today, Starquest is still run by its founding partners. The company currently has 12 employees, 6 of whom are dedicated to investment. The investment team is supported by a network of personalities with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, industry, investment, finance and strategy consulting.

Starquest now has almost €200 million under management and has built up a solid portfolio of innovative, fast-growing companies. Starquest has historically supported 95 companies, 36 of which are in the Protect thesis stage, that are driving innovation in high value-added technology sectors. This has led directly to the creation of more than 2,000 highly skilled, sustainable jobs in France. The management team’s choices have resulted in an average return on investment of x 2.5 (realised and potential (unrealised)) in Starquest’s preferred sectors (Protect thesis). This interim performance is likely to improve significantly, given the weighted average age of the capital committed (barely 4 years on average weighted on this Protect thesis).

Since 2014 (when it obtained AMF authorisation), the company has accelerated its growth, raising more and more funds, enabling it to commit capital to more mature companies at a much more convincing stage of commercialisation.

Drawing on its technical expertise and hands-on experience, Starquest has made extra-financial criteria an integral part of its investment process, its interaction with management and the development of its holdings. At the time of acquisition, ESG issues are addressed as early as the letter of interest, and are systematically the subject of in-depth due diligence.

2/ Dialogue with portfolio companies:

As an active shareholder, Starquest helps its portfolio companies to accelerate their transformation by providing them with financial resources and our expertise. Internationalisation, digitalisation and the collaborative economy have a direct impact on our business model and that of our holdings. In addition to our financial expertise, we need to develop in-depth knowledge of our ecosystems and sharpen our situational intelligence. The entrepreneurs who approach Starquest are not only looking for a financial injection to help them achieve sustainable growth, but also, and above all, for a bold, committed, stimulating and enthusiastic team of experts to help them integrate these new disruptive models. While keeping risks under control, we need to prepare our companies for a threefold challenge: combining agility, innovation and collective capacity; reconciling economic performance with the sharing of value over the medium and long term; and mobilising the values of commitment, cooperation and trust. Thanks to the Starquest teams, we have strengthened some of our expertise in legal, digital, corporate social responsibility, human resources and communications functions.

3/ Exercise of voting rights :

Details of the votes cast and abstentions on each resolution are available on request from the Company’s registered office.

The Company therefore takes part in all decisions proposed to it.

4/ Cooperation with other shareholders:

Starquest maintains an ongoing dialogue with its co-investors with the main objective of acting in the best interests of its holdings and, therefore, of its financial investors. This cooperation takes the form of decisions taken by the bodies in place within the holdings.

5/ Communication with relevant stakeholders:

Starquest is convinced that structured and transparent dialogue with stakeholders is an essential pillar of competitiveness and value creation. In order to ensure its long-term development, our teams take care to identify, prioritise and anticipate their various expectations. The ESG section of our website presents the company’s actions.

6/ Prevention and management of actual or potential conflicts of interest:

The Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out Starquest’s system for preventing and managing conflicts of interest. Starquest has defined and implemented a policy for preventing and managing conflicts of interest. A register is kept of any such conflicts, and experts are called in to purge them where necessary.