At Starquest we trust in outstanding entrepreneurs, those who want to really challenge the common wisdom with disruptive tech or business practice.



Our Focus.
From Seed to A/B Series

We believe the key to success is to catch the best opportunities as early as possible and to be a long-standing financial partner behind the best performers.

Human first

As key to success lies in execution and behavior, not in Excel nor in fabulous BPs. We allocate 99% of our energy to Human analysis and executional support.

We believe best returns will come from best actions to protect humankind
Protecting Earth and Resources

We want our funds to be associated with a limitation of global warming and resources savings. Low carbon energy and processes and circular economy are central in our decisions.

Protecting Digital Assets

Today's IT systems are under a growing criminal pressure, so as the stability of communications, reliability of information or integrity of data. Ensuring security is key in any industry.

Protecting Human at Work

Those entrepreneurs who care, save lives and rescue people in dangerous situations generate the highest rewards and deserve our best attention and support.


We support companies from early high risk to established growth curves. Not only with cash, but also with strategy and operational expertise
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We torture the business models because we know things will never happen like exposed. We want to explore all the « what if ? » and their human and financial impact.
We provide advice accordingly.

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We provide key people for key issues, in all operational areas, never on a « take it or leave it » basis. We strive to build constructive escapes to crisis, even when we disagree.

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At the end of the day it comes to calibrating the most appropriate funds needed, and their best use in growing the business.
We want to stay long with the best entrepreneurs.